Complete service shop for all Scuba Divers

The Divers Delight Dive Shop was established in 1996 to provide high quality service for the scuba diving community of South Australia.

As a PADI training Centre, Divers Delight gained respect in the industry locally and now has a long-standing reputation worldwide. We know that a safe and vibrant community is built around continuing access to the best possible service and advice for recreational, technical and cave divers at all levels of interest and experience. We know that the sharks most divers are most (rightly!) afraid of are the ones that own dive shops.

Divers Delight is able to cater for all of your diving needs. Our staff of qualified dive instructors can provide training for groups and individuals in a wide range of PADI and TDI courses. Our local guides are avid explorers with a wealth of in-depth and up to date knowledge about sites, conditions, and wildlife to help make your next visit to South Australia a safe and memorable adventure.

We can provide (up to 300 Bar) air fills as well as Oxygen and Nitrox mixes, hire equipment, on-site servicing and retail sales. We stock an extensive curated range of scuba diving equipment for both recreational and technical diving.

Some of our available stock can be purchased online from our Shopify store or on Ebay, but for all other queries please contact us directly.

phone: 0412 189 255